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DC53(Cr8Mo2Vsi) Flat/Plate/Bar

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DC53 CR8MO1VSI chemical composition
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DC53 CR8MO1VSI hot-rolled plates and forged plates stockDC53 CR8MO1VSI hot-rolled plates
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EAF+LF+VD+(ESR), Hot rolled or Forged, Annealed, Hardness≤255HB,Unmachined or Machined,

UT 100% Passed



DC53 is a new general-purpose cold work die and mold steel whose strength and toughness approach those

of high-speed steels.

DC53, is an improvement over alloy tool steel D-2 specified in Standard (JIS) G4404. It eliminates the disadvantages

of insufficient hardness and toughness, resulting from high-temperature tempering found with D-2, and is intended to replace D-2 in use for general purpose and precision dies.


Higher hardness (62-64 HRc) than D2 after heat treatment.

Twice the toughness of D2 with superior wear resistance.

Substantially higher fatigue strength compared to D2.

Smaller primary carbides than D2 protect the die from chipping and cracking.

Secondary refining process (DLF) reduces impurities.

Machines and grinds up to 40% faster than D2.

Less residual stress after wire EDMing.



It is used for making stepped punch and press-punching dies, concrete sprayer parts, rotor plates

swaging dies and backers, dies for cold forging, thread-rolling circular dies, piercing punch, thread-rolling dies for

heat-treated bolts, forming dies, stripper plates for lead frame blanking, gauges, screws for injection molding

machines and plastic molds as well.

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